Ethnobotany is the study of people (Ethno) and plants (Botany).

From a young age Jennie has been captivated, enchanted, intrigued and fascinated with plants and how humans engage with them, be that in rituals (flowers on valentines, at funerals), as medicine (both herbal and western medicine), in clothing, fabrics and dyes, food, religions and so much more.

Her interests also extend to the relationship plants have with organisms, other than humans, thereby moving slightly away from ethno-botany to ecology.

Jennie regularly gives ethnobotanical talks, walks and trainings which focus on plant identification, wild foods and fibres, medicinal plants and folk medicine etc. Please do get in touch if you would like more info or to book Jennie.

“I have learnt more in a week that I did in a four- year botany degree. Anyone who wants to work in the outdoors you have to try this. It has been just inspiring and amazing”. Past student