Magical Moss and Plant Taxonomy and the Naming of Things

Magical Moss and Plant Taxonomy and the Naming of Things

Moss is everywhere, on trees, in cracks in pavements, on our roofs, they tower above us and humbly bounce back after each footstep we take on a mossy lawn; and yet how many of us take the time to get to know them? In this workshop there will be the opportunity to get to know this fascinating group of plants, we will look at their place in the evolution of life on earth, how they create ecosystems, help to store carbon, support biodiversity as well as their ethnobotany. You will also have the chance to start the journey identifying a few common species and be sign posted to further resources for your continued learning. Guaranteed these humble plants will get your hooked once you take the time to hear their story and notice their exquisite beauty! This workshop will be half inside and half outside.

Plant Taxonomy and the Naming of Things

Do names matter? Imagine spending a year with your forest school group, school class or even a group of friends and by the end of the year still not knowing what to call them! The naming of things is the first step towards building a relationship with not just other humans but all life.


Friday 18 February 2022 - Sunday 20 February 2022


6:00 pm - 12:00 pm


Dounans Centre
Aberfoyle, Scotland

United Kingdom