Holly: Ilex aquifolium

At this time of year, the botanical rituals are abound with Mistletoe hanging from our ceilings, wreaths on our doors,  Poinsettias on our tables and Holly decorating our halls, not to mention all the botanical foods we eat in celebration or that fill our glasses.

In homage, and appreciation of one of these plants, here is a short video on Holly: Ilex aquifolium.

Big thanks to Dr Jochen Langbein at Langbein Wildlife for sharing his wonderful pictures of deer eating Holly for this Vlog

Wishing everyone a wonderful festive season, thank you for following my blog in 2019 and I look forward to more botanising with you all again in 2020 🙂

Ivy (Hedera helix) – The Mars Bar for birds

In early winter I love to see Ivy (Hedera helix) flowering so late in the year, giving our invertibrates a final feed before deep winter sets in.

Then come late winter, early spring, this plant, which keeps on giving, produces seeds for our birds which, according to the RSPB contain as many calories, weight for weight, as a Mars Bar. Something you would very much want if you were a bird at this time of year when food is pretty scarce.


Floral Friday becomes Jennie Martin Ethnobotany


For those of you following my Facebook page Floral Friday, please note that soon it will be changed to Jennie Martin Ethnobotany.

This change will link up with my website and email addresses as well as make the vlogs more searchable for people who are looking for post under my name.  As many of you know, ‘Floral Friday’ doesn’t always post on a Friday.. so any day of the week is up for grabs now for posting!

Thank you for following my blog.. the next blog will be all about Foraging and the underlying power it has to connect us to something so much greater than the world within which most of us live.




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